Price Estimates

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Our price estimates:

Desktop and laptop - removal of malware (scam-ware or spyware) and viruses

Scan, remove and repair. Assuming a common type of malware or virus. - £45-£90 (1–4 hours)

Typical price and time, but actual cost depends on the severity of the problem.

Desktop or laptop – liquid damage/drink spillage

Quote for drying out various parts. Assuming that nothing needs replacing.

Usual price range: £45-£67.50 (24 hours+)

Parts will need to dry out for at least 24 hours. It’s likely that some parts might need replacing after an accident like this, particularly the keyboard, so be prepared to pay more.

Desktop and laptop - install new operating system

Install the latest windows package on a PC, 2018 – Windows 10

£45 for install if Windows 10 supplied

£145 if the repairer supplies Windows 10 (1-3 hours)

Laptop screen replacement

Replacing broken screen

(Screen will need ordering by part number on broken screen and price may climb dependent on what faults or damages are found when removing broken screen) - £80 - £90

Keyboard, monitor and input device replacements


Flat rate, call-out charges

Call-out charge - £60  

Desktop power supply failure

Supply and replace ATX power supply unit of 500-600 watts (Power supply would need ordering)

£65 - plus cost of power supply (1 hour) 

Desktop and laptop - replace hard drive

Hard drive failure. Supply and replace 500Gb hard drive. Reinstall software. Transfer data from old hard drive to new. - £130 (2–4 hours)

If data needs recovering (i.e it’s not as simple as a straight transfer) then expect this to take longer.

Visit customer’s home to set-up a new computer

Set-up home PC with standard monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer and WiFi. - £55 (1–2 hours)

This is a basic set-up of hardware owned. Expect to pay more if you want data transferred from an old computer or any software installed.

General maintenance

Machine running slow. Clean up of unwanted software with no faults or upgrades needed. - £60 (1-2 hours)

Desktop or laptop – transfer all data and reinstall programs from hard drive of old computer to new computer

Assuming computer has 320GB hard drive and is running Windows 7 or higher. - £50 (1–2 hours)

Typical price and time to complete job, actual cost will depend on how much data there is on the hard drive.

Please note you will need to provide the original installation media i.e CD / DVD or internet download to reinstall programs – you cannot take them directly from the old hard drive.

Custom built computer - Quotation

Diagnosis - Free

Software glitches diagnose and fix - £45

Telephone consultation - Free